Out and about

London is a fantastic place to immerse yourself in art, challenge your perceptions and get your creative juices flowing.  Over the last few days I’ve experienced Freize Art in Regents Park.  The real benefit was being accompanied by Belgian friends who commented on how it is the way us Londonites populate the exhibition space that gives Freize more bite than European equivalents.  One thing we do well, it seems, is being ourselves and dropping pretention.  The cynical part of me did let the phrase ‘Lost in translation’ pop to mind.

Elsewhere, the John Pawson exhibition at the Design Museum illustrated the vast body of work this architect has undertaken over the last 30 years.  Collecting it together is a fabulous method of displaying his diversity and ability to respond to briefs rather than simply stamping a style.  The way architecture should be practiced.  His work particularly resonated as my journey from Yorkshire lass to Japanese intern seems to be inadvertently reflecting his own.  (Obviously no sex changes were involved!)  For plying itself as such a diminutive country, Japan is certainly an influential player in architects’ aspirations for space.

Last on the menu was Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds installation at the Tate Modern. Modern art cynics should go.  What may look, at first glance, like a gravel yard, has a major story to tell about China’s past, present and future projection.

And this is a minute selection of what’s currently on offer.  Wrap up warm and step out into the city this autumn…


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Unexpected Consequences is a blog by Angela Crowther, a young engineer working in the Built Environment. Currently supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and UKRC's Ingenious program the blog’s aim is to raise awareness of all the exciting opportunities the world of engineering has to offer to hopefully stimulate others into joining the industry.
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  2. Ruth Wilson says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. I don’t necessarily think of the British as people who let go and relish art without pretension, so its very nice to hear that comment made of us. I think the question ‘is it art?’ is a real killer because it makes you judge things when maybe the first thing is to experience them. Did you get to walk on the sunflower seeds? That would have been very amazing!

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