AfriKids Eco Lodge

AfriKids is a charity with ambition.  Based in Northern Ghana, their aim is to be self-sustaining by 2018.  Already they have more than 200 employees and associates out in Ghana and only 9 here in London.  To make that number zero AfriKids are investing in projects that will generate income.  Off to a great start, they already designed, built and are running a profit-making hospital.  AfriKids latest project is an Eco Lodge to attract both local businessmen and tourists looking for a holiday that has something a bit special.

I’m delighted to be consulting on the design side of the project, as part of a team of very experienced individuals, all actively involved in and passionate about the development sector.  Good design centres around being able to sit down at the table and have a proactive discussion about what a brief really means and how best to deliver the project to holistically achieve its needs.  Yet a design team that engages that level of thinking is rare.  It’s great it is happening here, on a project that is really deserving.

Meanwhile, AfriKids are hosting an event to introduce the project and give everyone interested in volunteering a chance to hear about the opportunities.  This is being held at 6pm, Wednesday 10th November and further information can be found on the attached flyer.

AKEL Intro Evening


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Unexpected Consequences is a blog by Angela Crowther, a young engineer working in the Built Environment. Currently supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and UKRC's Ingenious program the blog’s aim is to raise awareness of all the exciting opportunities the world of engineering has to offer to hopefully stimulate others into joining the industry.
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3 Responses to AfriKids Eco Lodge

  1. Emang says:

    Hi @ngela, I found your blog throught he UKRC. Thanks for sharing this. I have sent an e-mail to Afrikids to see if there is still space at the event. I will be travelling to Ghana in December for a whole month, and I have been looking for opportunities to do something useful with myself and contribute whilst there.

    • @ngela says:

      Hi Emang,

      Fantastic to hear from you and I’m sure AfriKids will be delighted to receive your offer to get involved! I’ve only recently got involved with AfriKids, via Architecture for Humanity and their work on the Eco Lodge that I talk about in my blog post, but am finding them to be a fantastic charity – their mission to be self-sustaining and strategy for achieving it by 2018 is praiseworthy. They are also a great bunch of people to work with.

      Let me know how you get on and I look forward to your blog posts about your time in Ghana later in the year!

  2. Emang says:

    Hi @ngela!

    Yes, I did make it just in time to catch the last 10 minutes of the presentation. I almost didn’t go as I had spread myself too thin last week and was cracking under all the pressure, but I got there in the end, certainly worth it. First impressions was that it truly is a well structured project and Afrikids is heavily connected with financial institutions who want to take their CSR further. Some are even using sustainable development and a sense of social conciousness to attract high flying graduates who really want to connect with the greater community in that way whilst working in banking! We all had the opportunity to sign up and contribute as part of a steering commitee at different levels of commitment. It certainly was not a room full of engineers, I might have been the only one, but there were a whole lot more people in finance than anything else, I would say. Ofcourse the project leader, a lady, I did not catch her name, I gather was one of the lead architects.

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