Shelterbox Hotel

One night in Eden

The 5* Shelterbox Hotel showcases the Shelterbox charity’s hard work.  It will be popping into the Mediterranean Biome of the Eden Project for one night only, as part of the Cornwall Design Season.  Designed using approximately 10,000 old tent poles as a co-creation piece of art, you can come help construct the hotel or even book a night’s stay for the 2nd March.  After the event this traveling installation will be winding its way across Cornwall, providing shelter in a number of weird and wonderful places for the rest of the season.

Even if you can’t be there you can still donate to Shelterbox – an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.

Donate to Shelterbox


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Unexpected Consequences is a blog by Angela Crowther, a young engineer working in the Built Environment. Currently supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and UKRC's Ingenious program the blog’s aim is to raise awareness of all the exciting opportunities the world of engineering has to offer to hopefully stimulate others into joining the industry.
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6 Responses to Shelterbox Hotel

  1. Ben says:

    Thats ace! Whos doing the design of the hotel? I like the look of it from the artists impression, where and when will there be actual photos of the hotel I can look at please?

  2. @ngela says:

    Engineers at Expedition are designing (have designed!) the hotel…. 22 hours to go until construction starts so expect pictures to pop-up soon after!

  3. marlyb says:

    This sounds brilliant, Angela. The Eden Project is one of my favourite places – and the Med biome is so tranquil. It’s great that it’s travelling around, and what a great mix of engineering and charity.

    • @ngela says:

      It was an incredible experience – Nothing quite matches waking up in the biome, surrounded by the smells of a lemon grove!

      I’m currently writing a longer piece on the project but to whet your appetite in the meantime you can find images of the project here:
      This link will take you directly to THE SHELTERBOX HOTEL on the Expedition Engineering website.

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  5. @ngela says:

    A rather in-depth write-up of the project can now be found here. Hopefully not too heavy going!

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